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Judy Stuart
The Apostolic Session
10 inch 45rpm Vinyl EP
Recorded at Apostolic Studio on June 5, 1969 in NYC
Track listing:
Side A
Inspiration 6:23
(Judy Stuart)
Side B
Nickel Bag of Tears 5:21
(Judy Stuart/Dave Tamber)
Total Time 11:44

Judy Stuart - vocals & arrangements
Steve Tintweiss - conductor, music director,voice
Marc Levin-cornet & valvetrombone
Calo Scott - cello
Tom Moore - flute
Burton Greene - piano
Paul Nash - guitar
Monty Renov - bass guitar
Shelly Rusten - drums
Recording by David Baker
Post Production Transfers and Mastering by Joe Lizzi
Lacquers cut by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering
This 12-channel multitrack studio session was originally to be a demo recording to showcase the vocal and songwriting talents of Judy Stuart.
It was hoped that Vanguard Records might include it in the early releases of quadra- phonic surround sound recordings that they were pioneering at the time, even though the music was primarily a mix of avant-garde jazz with a non-commercial folk-rock flavor.
Free-form short solo space is sprinkled throughout both pieces by Calo Scott, Burton Greene, Marc Levin and Paul Nash under the conduction of producer Steve Tintweiss.
Judy did not live long enough to see the release of this project. Sadly, she passed alone in her NYC apartment during the post production period in 2018.
Liner Notes by Ben Young
Artwork by Ellie Ali
Design by Susan Archie
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